School Water Stewards

Back To School for the Water Stewards Team

    This fall our School Water Stewards Team will be returning to partnering schools to lead outdoor water stewardship lessons and activities once again. This is the second year we have been able to offer this program made possible through the Job Creation Partnership Program, funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia and a grant from the Nanaimo Foundation. 

The Nanaimo & Area Land Trust Society (NALT) School Water Stewards program provides grade-appropriate curriculum-linked lessons and stewardship activities connecting students to our local freshwater resources and associated ecosystems. Students will spend their time with our team getting to know their local streams and wetlands and helping to improve or enhance its ecological health through stewardship actions like: invasive plant mapping and removal, storm drain marking, riparian planting and native plant propagation, amphibian monitoring, water quality and hydrology lessons and monitoring, and salmonid habitat assessments of streams. 

We are excited to offer this program, which can be delivered as monthly outings or as clustered seasonal outings (4-6 outings in Fall or Spring), to any interested classes in School District 68 or 69. In addition to providing lessons to enhance understanding about freshwater ecosystem health and function, we will support the class in a capstone stewardship project that will improve or enhance the ecological health of their local stream or wetland. Thanks to our funders we are able to offer this program for free.

To get involved, contact NALT at